Korean Fire Noodle (Samyang Ramen)

Samyang Ramen 5 Pack
Samyang Ramen 5 Pack

I had been heard about the most spicy korean noodle, fire noodle or samyang ramen,  that I can buy in Malaysia, and whenever I see some youtube link about the ramen, like this one below:

Or this one below:

It really makes me want to try it. so I asked my wife to buy and then check it out the package below:

Samyang Ramen 5 Pack
Samyang Ramen 5 Pack

These five packs of noodle cost RM 22.5, way high compare other Korean noodle that I normally buy, which is RM 15 for 5 packs. If I did not watch the youtube, probably I would not get the noodle, and what amaze me, despite the price is high, it is almost finish in the Aeon supermarket. This noodle simply living proof of economic principles, the higher the demand, the price will be higher as well. Some korean restaurant in Malaysia even serve this noodle, along with some egg, vegetables with price starting RM 30 and above.

Samyang Ramen inside
Samyang Ramen inside

There are only two package of seasonings inside the package, one bag red colour dish looks like chilli, and the other one is dried seasonings. The red colour package contain strong smell chilli and a bit careful when you pour this out into bowl.  Without further due, I immediately cook the noodle and here it comes.

Samyang Ramen Cooked
Samyang Ramen Cooked

This is the final result of the noodle, I did not add anything because I want to try the original taste, and all I can see is red colour inside the bowl. The dangerous of this noodle, at beginning you would not feel it is spicy, I even look down this noodle because I am Indonesian and born in Palembang, thus eating chilli is our daily food, but as the time goes by, the spiciness slowly build up and it really taste like a flame. I read carefully the fire noodle package and it suppose to contain  chicken taste, but I did not taste any chicken taste except chilli. My tongue has numb and my tears starts coming, just about half of the portion that I ate.

Overall experience, this Korean noodle really lift up the name of its spiciness, as it says ‘Korean fire noodle’, the taste can really make your tongue numb and tears comes out due its spiciness. If you have not try, this one worth to try for once and you would not regret it (or you do after half portion, but it worth it!!).

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