Chiang Mai Mookata @ Skypod Puchong

Chiang Mai Mookata

My first time trying Chiang Mai Mookata is actually from foodpanda. That time I am craving for food outside setiawalk but do not have time to go outside for lunch. My first order just chili pork basil, which turns out way better than I expected. Since then, I am a repeat customer for this restaurant, but only few days back I manage to order their specialty, their mookata.

Chiang Mai Mookata Set


This is Mookata. It is grill and steamboat in one pot. So the middle one is for grilling your favorite meat, can be pork, chicken or lamb. The best part, the oil will goes down to the soup, which will make it sweeter and juicy. My friend keep recommending to try this, just that when he do, it is not really as good as I expected, considering the food that we bought is not for Mookata type.

Mookata Set 1
Mookata Set 1

Since it is only my wife and me, set 1 is what I think suitable for both of us. At first glance, we thought we want to order another portion of meat and pork, but I decide we should finish the food first. Since it is raw food, it is pretty fast to serve when we order. No seasoning on the meat, I think it is a bit soy sauce and salt, but I think that is good enough. The plate contains pork belly, and chicken meat. Plus a pair of prawn. Too bad the prawn is not fresh enough.

Special Roasted Pork
Special Roasted Pork

This is their recommendation and specialty roast pork. I only can say this has become my favorite pork in Puchong. The crunchiness of the skin, not to mention the meat is tender and juicy. They really make this well to become masterpiece. The chili sauce that they give, that is spicy!!! Careful when dipping on it.

Overall, we are so happy having meal here. The overall food is superb, and the waiters are friendly and keep assisting our needs. This place worth one star, which it is good for repeat order if it is along the way. Just that if they serve better quality of meat that has been spices, it will taste better.

You can find the address of Chiang Mai Mookata from link below:

Their address:

G-13 Skypod Square 47100 Puchong, Persiaran Puchong Jaya Selatan, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor

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