There is something special in Sekinchan, I discover this cafe by accident. The story is when a group of my friend including me want to have some coffee, we actually search around and we find this cafe, leisure tea house, due they have aircon room and wifi (hard to survive without wifi in these days) in Sekinchan. I know it is sound a bit crazy enough to looking for cafe with wifi and aircon in the small town like Sekinchan, and the group that I went with did not really know about Sekincan that well. I only know that Sekinchan famous due to their rice, and also seafood and it is always open air kind of store where people does not look for such high comfort for dine experience.

Leisure Tea house

Leisure Tea house @ Sekinchan

The place is pretty easy to find, if you go to Maybank in Sekinchan, it is just around 8 minutes walk to the coffee shop, you might need to paid pretty high effort to find this place if you are not familiar with Sekinchan area. You can ask local as leisure tea house is pretty well-known. We arrive around 4 PM and the place actually has quite number of people, I guess it is coffee and tea time for Sekinchan as well.

Mushroom Bao

Mushroom Bao @ leisure tea house

The restaurant owner recommend one of their speciality, the mushroom bao. We actually really pondering as it is first time I heard there is mushroom bao. When the mushroom bao served, it is really cute as the shape of bao also looks like mushroom, with coco topping on top of bao to make the colour looks like mushroom. After we take many pictures, it is time to check the taste and woow, the mushroom really nice and also the bao taste pretty good. We orders more of these bao, and also some of other available bao like char siew bao and also kaya bao, but to me their mushroom bao is the most special and best taste compare others kind of bao that we ordered. In fact, the next day we do come here again just to order many bao to bring back to KL so that our friends in KL able to taste it, I know the taste would not as good as when it served fresh and hot, but to my surprise it is still pretty good even we put inside fridge for whole night and the next morning when we steam it again.

I really recommend you to come and get the bao, you also can make lots of order to bring back to KL or any place where you comes from, just make sure you order first at least 2 hours before collecting. I rate this place with one star.

The information you can find below:

Address: NO.A8,TINGKAT BAWAH,PT1560,JALAN RIA PEKAN SEKINCHAN,45400 SEKINCHAN, 45400 Kampong Sekinchang, Selangor, Malaysia

Operation time:

TUE~SUN 星期二至日
营业时间: 3.00pm~12.00am**
MONDAY OFF 每逢星期一休息

Phone: 0169242182