Pablo Cheese Tart @ One Utama


For a fans of cheese, I had been waiting for Pablo Cheese Tart from Osaka. The first time I tried in Osaka, I really like the taste, warmness and also freshness of the cake. Not too sweet but just nice. It has been quite a big news in Malaysia when they started to open. Well, I am not typical Malaysian whereby joining the long queue just want to be the first to try it. For me, I rather wait for two weeks or more after the crowd has lessen. One thing that I do really like about Pablo cheese tart, they always serve in fresh baked and you need to consumed within two hours.

Pablo Cheese Tart Shop
Pablo Cheese Tart Shop

I really attracted by this Pablo cheese tart decoration, I wish can bring this home as door gift and hang in my house. So that I can keep dreaming of having cheese tart. In fact I think it is also good to be Christmas decoration.

Cheese Tart Decoration
Cheese Tart Decoration

When buying original Pablo cheese tart, it comes with good packaging, brand of course and the second one is design of packaging. Such a typical Japanese cake shop that emphasis on packaging.

The cheese tart taste superb, I can see why it is popular. It contain lots of egg and good quality of cheese. It is good to eat with wine, tea or coffee. The sweetness is just nice, and cheese taste is quite thick. I really like this one so much that I am putting Pablo Cheese Tart as one star.

Pablo Cheese Tart

This cheese tart worth one star rating, it is really best when consumed within two hours. When I was in the shop, the shop keeper asking me to try their special Pablo cheese tart with almost double price. I think I will try that during my second visit. If you are a cheese lover, this is definitely a tart you want to try.

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