Two good reasons to come here first is to have a “bro” party, second is when one of your bros is having a birthday, and you want to celebrate with an all-meat food kind of thing. Bread brother’s BBQ is one of the highly recommended places to dine. Located strategically at Kota Damansara, parking is easy to get and plenty. More reason to come.

Menu at Bread Brother's BBQ
The menu at Bread Brother’s BBQ

Bread Brother’s BBQ provide texas style of bbq, where they grill their meat in big enclosed grill and using woods as the fire material. The meat needs to marinate with a secret sauce to make it tastier and tender. Not so great is when the supply is low, it takes a long time to grill ( I am talking about averagely 4-6 hours).

For first-timer (like me), I like how the menu arranged efficiently. You can build your own food and customize what you want the most. If you have no idea, you can ask their friendly assistance from a cashier, and they will guide you in a warm tone.

Since we are a big eater, we choose big platter behemoth, stated in the menu that it is great for 4-5 people. At least we can try all sorts of meat we can find in the restaurant. One particular thing that I love the most from Bread Brother’s BBQ, the drink is refillable, and we are talking about lemonade!

See how the staff is portioning our meal, it is somewhat satisfying. Take the juicy meat out and then cut into some sizeable portion, and drenched with home-made sauce.

Presentation-wise is excellent, but that is a small matter for us since the food will be gone in a couple of minutes anyway. I can say that the portion is really generous. I highly recommend this place to eat with a group of four or more. I am giving Bread Brother’s BBQ two stars rating! This place is the place that I will frequently dine for a good steak.

You can find the location of Bread Brother’s BBQ from below:

PG-01, Persiaran Tropicana, Tropicana, 47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Map link:

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