Cow King Beef Noodle @ Pudu


I had been to this place, cow king beef noodle many times, and only recently manage to take picture. This place is famous for local and also international tourist. If you come a bit late and unlucky, the noodle might be finish even before 2 PM.

Cow King Beef Noodle
Cow King Beef Noodle

I know this cow king beef noodle from a friend of mine who really loves to eat beef noodle, he keeps recommend this place many time and it is one of his top choice when comes to beef noodle soup. One thing good about this cow king beef noodle is the taste is still the same from the first time I ate, probably 5 years ago.

The restaurant actually located inside Yong Tau Foo restaurant, which it might be hard for first timer to come and look for the place, and it also hard to find parking nearby. If it is rain, you might get wet simply because the space is not protected enough to cover you from wet.

Beef Noodle
Beef Noodle

Despite the things that I mention above, this place is really worth to go, I even put two stars rating for Cow King beef noodle simply because the taste is indeed superb. When I write this, I want to go to this place and have one soup bowl. One more tips for maximum enjoyment for this beef noodle, order the Yong Tau Foo, and ask for a bowl of empty soup from the beef noodle. If you ask politely and the boss like you, you will get one. Or else, dip the yong tau foo in your soup and eat together with your noodle. It does enhance the taste of both, but you must have big appetite and stomach room for this.

Below are the maps for the location of Cow King Beef Noodle at Pudu:

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