Star Coffee Lebuh Noordin George Town Penang

Lebuh Noordin
Lebuh Noordin

There is this big secret coffee shop, star coffee lebuh noordin at George town Penang that really well known to local but unknown to many. At first, I am not a fan to queue for a cup of coffee. I am not understand why people willing to queue for Starbucks coffee. Second, if I need to queue, I have high expectation.

Lebuh Noordin
Lebuh Noordin

Located at lebuh noordin, the star coffee is quite easy to find out. It is located at the road side and commonly there are some queue line up.

Star Coffee Maker
Star Coffee Maker

The aunty speaks well in local dialect and Bahasa, with little in English. I am banana, so I have a hard time on ordering. In Penang, I often being look down or not entertained due to I can’t speak mandarin. I can see many people ordering the coffee after I wait in the queue, and they get first before me. Oh well, not big deal as the aunty serve kinda fast. At the same time I also want to try her coffee and does not want to ruin my morning mood.

Star Coffee lebuh noordin
Star Coffee lebuh noordin


Finally I got my coffee after waiting for about 30 mins. My first sip, I start to know why this place is the best coffee in that area. The thickness of the coffee and well balance of milk, plus nice foam. Each cup contain star shape of mark, which is why the name is star coffee.

This place serve only coffee. The breakfast pairing is only toasted bread and half boiled egg. Very limited choice here.

Conclusion for Star Coffee Lebuh Noordin

Giving two stars for this!!!! Once you try the coffee, you will know how good they make it. Obviously I wish the service is better and we do not need to queue too long. Since she makes alone, so expect quite long waiting as the order is tremendous. For sure, be polite to her or else she would not entertain you or even ignoring you.

You can find star coffee lebuh noordin from below link:

Come early to avoid disappointment.

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