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My wife and me shopping around at Atria shopping mall, and since we arrived at Atria around 11 AM, both our stomach is hungry and we decide to get some snack before we go home and cook. I am tempted to have our lunch in Atria, just that we had cooked rice and prepare some lunch stuff at home before going out. I had passed by many times eggu shop. My wife told me that it is a snack made with egg and flour. The basic original taste start from RM 8.5 and if you add few flavour (I see there is green tea eggu, chocolate eggu, and etc), the price is increase based on the taste that you choose.

 Eggu Description
Eggu Description

The shop pretty much simple, since it is purely for snack, so they make it simple. So if you are bored at waiting, you can read description about eggu and their inspiration. I am still not convinced enough about the description though.

Original Eggu
Original Eggu

After waiting for few mins, the guy call our number to collect our order, and tada… it is shaped like egg and we suppose to eat it as it is. There is option to eat with ice cream, yes the price will be double. In my mind, to know how good it is, better order the original taste first then if we have chances only then we order another taste. I am really tempted with their green tea taste.

Overall, it is kinda good enough for for simple snack to fill your stomach. The portion is actually pretty generous, so I guess it gives feeling of worth. About the taste, they really do use good egg, just that it is slightly plain for me. This snack is good to eat after meal actually, since it contain slightly sweet.

You can find more details from below:

Atria Shopping Gallery,Level 3,
TK3A(a), Jalan SS22/23,
47400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun (11:00am – 9:30pm)
Contact No: 03 – 7732 0749

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