Grusonn Wellness Cafe @ Puchong

Grusonn Wellness Cafe
Grusonn Wellness Cafe

We stumble this cafe, Grusonn wellness cafe at puchong on the way to our thai food. Attracted by its design and ‘green’ theme. My colleague and me decide to give it a try. The restaurant putting big menu outside stating about the lunch set, with price around RM 15. That is something to win customer in my personal opinion.

Grusonn Wellness Interior



The interior is kinda a win to me. Spacious, good setting of light and table. Not to mention that it can fit quite numbers of people comfortably. Yes, it is kinda Ikea feeling, but decoration and placement place important role in this. Another element that capture my liking is good amount of natural light entering the restaurant, it is due to glass wall at entrance.

Great Graffiti

Grusonn Wellness graffiti 2
graffiti 2
Grusonn Wellness graffiti 1
graffiti 1

I am not a fan of graffiti but I am attracted with it. Love the arrangement of the color, composition, and with help of good lighting. It does help to improve the overall mood. Well, I think I write long enough about the topic that I am not familiar, and let’s got back to the important part. Their food.

Grusonn Wellness Menu

Mushroom lasagna
Mushroom lasagna

My first time heard about mushroom lasagna. It is kinda Asian fusion. It does sound healthy….. Well, since their focus on wellness, so yeah. This meal can consider low carbs meal. Tomato sauce is kinda good, but what impress me is the balance of pasta, cheese, and meat.

Hot Chick
Hot Chick, Signature dish of Grusonn Wellness

This is signature dish of Grusonn Wellness. The official title kinda long, but one phrase that stick in my mind is ‘hot chick’. They baked the chicken, stuffed with cheese, herbs. Plus adding mushroom sauce. One best part, the potato baked with cheese. Too bad it is not mashed well, or else it will be a great meal to eat with the sauce.

Good for casual meal

One good thing about this place is good for casual dining. Not a place where I will purposely go for a meal, but if you passing the store and have no options to have meal, try their meal and you will get surprise on the quality of food. This place is worth to mention, and good to bring some of your friends to have a good meal together.

You can find Grusonn Wellness cafe below:

G01, Sky-Pod Square, Persiaran Puchong Jaya Selatan, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor

Open time: 10 AM – 9 PM, Monday to Saturday.

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