Langkawi Fish Farm Restaurant

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Photo frame

I read many articles and even I see in trip advisor that someone highly recommended to dine in Langkawi Fish Farm. The place is actually very near to jetty (by near is driving, it is slightly far if walk), and some review stated that the price will be expensive for seafood but they serve good quality plus fresh. So when I am driving near to the restaurant, with a bit luck and also clear sign, it is pretty easy to spot the restaurant at night with clear big sign. From the pictures in internet, the place is really good and beautiful, very nice to enjoy seafood dinner with cold breeze from sea.

Fish Farm Garden
Fish Farm Garden @ Langkawi Fish Farm

Sadly when we arrive at the restaurant it is raining, so we could not go to our booked table and we need to dine in the restaurant. You can be entertained by many photos of the owner capturing some rare and giant fish.

Photo frame
photo frame @ inside Langkawi Fish Farm

At outside of the dining place, you can see the live stock of food that you want to have for your dinner, it has crab, lobster, fish, and many more.


My dad saw a good crab and he immediately order one, he said it is fresh and good stock, and he is very particular on eating crab, so this one I can believe it is good so we order Hongkong style crab. The rest I order salted-egg squid, broccoli, their special fish farm tofu.

Hongkong Crab
Hongkong Style Crab
Salted Egg Squid
Salted Egg Squid
Fish Farm Tofu
Fish Farm Tofu

The Hongkong style crab is cooked with fried garlic, and oil, it bring the sweetness of crab. Their salted egg squid is worth recommended, it is not too salty even if you eat its own without rice. The Tofu is somehow a bit special, good to try but obviously not really worth to recommend to others.

Let’s talk about price, it is above average compare to any normal seafood restaurant, and the crab itself worth RM 108 (600 gram), so I suggest you need to prepare lots of cash, or credit card (only Visa and MasterCard).

Overall this place is worth to mention when you are looking good seafood in Langkawi, absolutely better if you want to find fresh lobster and such food, as long as your wallet is deep enough to cover the cost. One thing that I dislike about this place is the crew service is somehow slow and unprofessional, this kind of attitude is somehow common in Malaysia whenever their food is good and crowded. Be prepared to wait for the food for a while, I suggest order some snacks first or have something to eat before come.

You can find the address and map of Langkawi Fish Farm restaurant below:

Address: Lot 1986, Jalan Pantai Penarak | Mukim Kuah, Langkawi 07000, Malaysia.

Opening Hour: 13-00 – 23:00 daily

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