Meat Junior @ SS2 Petaling Jaya

How you grill your meat

After visiting Chiang Mai Mookata, I have strong craving with mookata. So I decide to find good mookata place, and SS2 meat junior has many review and recommendation. I like the idea about the fat oil of meat goes into the soup. So without further due, just one week apart from my last dine in Chiang Mai Mookata, I decide to go to SS2 meat junior.

Meat Junior Decoration

table decoration
table decoration at meat junior

They have build in mookata stove, which it is quite convenient and safe too. I often see these kind of place giving portable stove. Of course if they use charcoal it will be superb.

meat junior Mookata Stove
meat junior mookata stove

This is their mookata stove. The middle part is where you grill the meat and the side part is where you boil other stuff, like vegetables, mushrooms, etc. You need to keep refill the soup since it dried quite fast. I use medium heat most of the time, so that I did not keep flipping the meat again and again. For those who are hungry, put high heat to cook your meat fast and order beef.

Meat Junior Extreme Meat Set

meat and vegetables
meat and vegetables
extreme meat 1
extreme meat 1
extreme meat 2
extreme meat 2

Meat junior has meat set that we can choose, raging from combination of pork, chicken, and beef. They also have purely pork if you prefer that too. (by the way, for pork place I am still prefer Anne Elizabeth Deli). If you notice, in the extreme meat 1 has yellow egg in the middle. It is for you to mix whole meat with egg before you grill or boil it. The plus point is that cabbage is free refill, so satisfied your vegetable craving with that.

Conclusion of Meat Junior

It is highly recommended for group dinner, favorably 6 people. They set is generous and quality of meat is good enough. One thing is that if they use bones for the soup, it will be great, but yeah it will hike the price. For normal dine in, it is good enough. What I love from here is that the service are efficient and friendly. You can query anything and they also answer politely despite it is quite busy day for them.

You can find meat junior from below:

Open everyday from 11:45 AM – 3 PM and 5 PM to 10:30 PM.

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