I do love Penang, because in such a small island, there are tons of good food. Some place has open older than my age, and some are new but earn the worth of many foodies. Today I would like to talk about Tasty Toasty at Pulau Tikus. I do make a short trip to the star coffee before arrive here.

I visit this place with my second year old son, where I want to have some decent dining for kids and I can enjoy eating the food without feeling of rush. Some hawker place or food court, I do want to finish my food fast so that other people who are queueing outside can have their meal.

Tasty Toasty Interior

I love the interior, quite classy and simple. This place is kids friendly. They have ample children chair and it is ok when children make little noise (of course no shouting). They even do have kids cutlery so it is quite a plus.

Signature toast at tasty toasty
Signature Toast @ Tasty Toasty

Without a further due, we order two of their speciality. One is signature toast. As shown in the picture, the portion is generous and plenty. I do think that Penang people do eat big breakfast. Blueberry is quite plenty, and butter taste quite yummy (some place use margarine which I would never go there again).

Titan Breakfast at tasty toasty
Titan Breakfast @ Tasty Toasty

Sunny side up with beans, plus one. Grilled Tomato? Plus one. Toast with butter? Another plus one. They even include hash brown and sausage. Although I do feel the price is quite high, but turns out it worth every penny. Yes this kind of breakfast can be done at home, but the way how they make the egg is quite good.

Conclusion from Tasty Toasty

This place is worth to mention. I do think it is good place to enjoy especially when you are in Penang and with family. Although some good food just few mins away, but this place really best suite for family with small kid. We do arrive early during their open hour, but expect to wait for a while as they are preparing kitchen the same time they open the shop.

You can find the location from plus codes below:

C8J6+GM George Town, Penang

Or visit the link from below