Whenever I pass by Thyme Out restaurant at Sunway, I often see the place has some people having meal there. I always wanted to try it, but finally manage to have the chances. It is not frequent to find Mexican food in KL town, not to mention good one. Why I like Mexican food? Simple, because the meat. Mexican know best on how grilling their meat to perfection.

Classic Tacos Thyme Out Style

Classic Tacos

Thyme out – Classic Tacos

Tacos are important dish. It is the heart of Mexican food apart from sizzling food. Right proportion of garlic, tomatoes, meat, and sauce. The tricky part, the meat should not be dry and sauce should not be too strong. Yes some part of Mexico enjoy strong taste, but if you add Tabasco in right proportion, you will get right balance. I order chicken, lamb, and beef taco. To ensure I manage to try all the type of meat in one plate. I love the lamb, it is most outstanding among the other two meat. If they use better tortilla bread, I think it will be better.

Lamb Burito

Lamb Burrito

Lamb Burrito – Thyme Out

Yes, It is lamb. I was thinking to get beef, but after taste the tacos, it change my mind to get lamb instead. One thing that I love their lamb, it does not smell. One thing that I really kinda sad is that the onion. it is wet. If they use fresher onion. I think it will taste better.

Southern Chicks

Southern Chicks

Southern Chicks

This is my close up meal. I love the dip sauce. But I did not like the wetness of the tacos. It makes hard to eat and messy. Yes they taste superb, but high water content is a nightmare. Regardless eating with hand or tools, it will still messy.


Mojitos The Origins and Grapple Mix

Mojitos The Origins and Grapple Mix

We order drink, the mojito. Just that it is not as what we expected. I am not sure if this has been localized or perhaps original recipe. For future reference I would not order this again. It taste a bit weird to my liking. Well you can try though as it is refreshing enough.

Thyme Out Conclusion

The lamb!!! It is something that I will be back dining here again. I never can get enough of it. Thyme out is worth to mention for me. Obviously if they can make it better in terms of dining and using better ingredient, especially tortilla bread. I believe it will make the food taste better.

You can find Thyme out from below:


Open everyday from 11 AM to 10 PM.


This place has no wifi. So drop your phone, or put it into silent mode and have great conversation with each other. If the supervisor are free, you can strike some conversation with them too. They are friendly!!!